Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Across the Bay 12K

Have I mentioned that I'm hurt again? I haven't run for 4 weeks, and I'm supposed to be training for my 1st full marathon... Alas! I already had my bib for last Sunday's Across the Bay 12k, so I decided to at least go walk it. There's nothing wrong with walking right?

We rode a lovely yellow school bus from Aquatic Park to some random area between Sausalito and Fort Baker on the other side of the bridge. During the 45 minutes plus we had to wait in the cold for our wave, we saw some lovely views of Angel Island:

And here's me, looking awfully tired! Also sporting my running skirt for the very first time. You all can make fun of running skirts all you want, but I loved it. (Thanks mom!) In case you are afraid, know that running skirts do have little shorts underneath them. It was the comfiest things I have worn in a long time.

And here's me with one of my running buddies from TNT!

It was a beautiful, 2 hour walk. Hopefully I'll be back to running soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Streets San Francisco

On Sunday I dug my bike out of its dust cloud for the first time since moving into the City from Marin. Doesn't it look pretty out by the Embarcadero?

I love Sunday Streets. Every city should implement this great program, in which roads are closed to cars and opened to bikers, skaters, runners, walkers, and just about anything else you can think of. There are free activities all over the place; this one included some retro roller skating:

I still can't figure out why these pictures look like there was hardly anyone there. They only closed off one half of the Embarcadero and it was nuts! I actually felt much safer riding home next to traffic than I did trying to avoid swerving children and all sorts of nonsense.

Matt complained a lot, but I just love that so many people went out to enjoy the beautiful day at the great City event. And there were great views of AT&T ballpark from the side to which I never venture:

Come on out and enjoy the next one!

Saturday in Marin: Walking, Hiking, and Beer

Matt and I spent a lovely Saturday in Marin. We started out near Blackie's Pasture for the morning TNT run:

Not a great picture, but I'm still obsessed with my 12x zoom that makes the other side of the bay look oh so close:

Then on to a trail near Fairfax that wound through some beautiful trees and up to rather stunning views:

And then on to the Fairfax Brewfest for some tasty local brews. It was in a super cute old gymnasium called the Pavilion:

You'd think that at only 30 minutes away we would explore the natural beauty of Marin more often. But alas, that bridge is mentally distancing.

Day Trip to Pescadero Area

When it's sunny sometimes I decide I want to drive out of town. However, we then invariably find that our lively microclimates mean that it's actually not quite so sunny wherever else we go.

Check out the sunny day!

And once again no tidepools, but spectacular waves and spray:

Onward to Pescadero Creek State Park. We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed lovely redwoods:

Banana slugs (on a vertical wall - this is a macro but we counted more than 20):

A waterfall:

The fact that our new camera takes much better macros than the old:

And walking in the creek (it was cold, but the trail was under water!):

And grassy meadows:

Absolutely gorgeous, and less than 45 minutes from our house! How lucky we are!

New Camera

I got a new little Point and Shoot camera with 12x zoom. I love it! Here is a picture of the Cliff House taken from really far down Ocean Beach:

Matt still wants a DSLR, but I am far to lazy for that. Intelligent Auto mode works for me!

Trip to Mendocino for President's Day Weekend

Mendocino Area