Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8-Year Old Wisdom


What is winter? The ground covered with snow? Is winter when the plants don't grow? Is winter when there's no leaves on the trees? I don't know maybe it's just snow or maybe it's ice I don't know I'm not the snow I'm not the ice or the trees, I'm not the plants or the ground below I'm just me.

A Halloween Poem

So I'm a little out of season, but I just found this poem in a box of things my grandmother saved, and frankly I thought it was quite good. I wrote it with a classmate in 6th grade.

Halloween Fright

Screams resounding throughout the night,
Witches soaring in a stream of moon light,
Kids running through the street,
Screaming, screaming, "Trick-or-Treat!"

Jack-o-lanterns all around,
Vampires sucking blood throughout town!
Ghouls and goblins running free,
"Oh no, one's coming to get me!"

Ghosts appearing and yelling, "Boo!"
Waiting behind corners ready to scare you,
Mouths a-chewing on candy sweet,
The best time to get a good treat.

Bats flying high and low,
Sweeping around to and fro,
Yellow eyes shining bright,
Masked faces glaring with fright!

Zombies staring straight ahead,
Glowing, glaring eyes of red.
Mummies wrapped in soiled cloth,
Shaded by a swarm of moths.

Skeletons hanging in a gloomy light,
Remnants of a gruesome night,
Spider crawling over rotting bones,
Listening to blood-curdling moans.

October's the time for orange and black.
Whoops! Watch out for that black cat!
I hope you had a great Halloweeen,
Wait, there's time for one last scream!