Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Adventures

My how the time flies - I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog!

This past week in between an *ahem* lovely time in Boston for work, I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Denver and another in Baltimore. In both places there was fabulous weather, scenery, and old friends.

Denver of course featured a lot of beer - starting with a tour of the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins. Actually that's not entirely true; it started with lunch at Denver's first brew pub - the Wynkoop. But New Belgium was awesome. In case you aren't aware (although I don't know how this is possible), New Belgium is the maker of the beloved Fat Tire. And I enjoy many other of their beers including Springboard, Skinny Dip, 1554, Abbey,the organic Mothership Wit... (pick up a sampler case today!) Also New Belgium is a super sustainable and socially responsible company. And if you work there you get a sweet cruiser on your one-year anniversary!

I also got to spend time with my college buddy Pete who I hadn't seen for more than 5 years! Denver also featured a fabulous pizza called the Abruzzo, a bike path on Cherry Creek, cinnamon rolls, a super old martini bar (where Pete's grandfather drank!), and a lot more beer. On the other hand, Denver was super sprawly (although with a walkable downtown) and even the hippie/yuppie Boulder was sprwalier and strip-mallier than I expected. I love my density!

Denver March 2009

This was my third visit to Baltimore to see one of my best friends, Nicole. I hadn't seen her in probably two years either - but it's great to have friends where nothing seems to change. You could have hung out yesterday or a week ago or two or five years ago and it's all just like yesterday!

We explored some great Baltimore neighborhoods - Fell's Point, Inner Harbor, Mount Vernon, and Nicole's area near the beautiful Patterson Park. Cherry blossoms were everywhere and perfectly pink! We also took a great 45 minute harbor cruise on a gorgeous day. The next day we went on about a two hour hike along the Waterfront Promenade - what a beautiful city. I am so spoiled to live by water now and can't imagine spending a nice day without it :)

Baltimore April 2010