Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Weekend in the Bay Area

In San Francisco, you can hit the snow one day and the beach the next - who knew?

My Saturday adventure stretched from 5:00am to 7:00pm and included about 6.5 hours in the car, 3 hours of skiing, and several hours of fun.(Not much snow up there - think how much more fun it would be if we weren't skiing in loops around a sports field. And if the power weren't out and there was heat in the lodges. And if the wind weren't blowing so dang hard.)

Sunday's adventure was less of an adventure, but I drove out to the Bay and enjoyed a gorgeous 6 mile run around Cesar Chavez State Park and the Berkeley Marina. The weather could not have been better for running. Unfortunately my phone pictures did not do this day justice, so I didn't bother uploading them. Just trust me.

Days like this I feel lucky to live here. (Just give me a few more weeks until the incessant rain sets in for the winter. But at least that means snow in the mountains!)