Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hello blog friends!

Matt and I have been busy moving and also having some great adventures.

In reverse order, because that's how I uploaded the pictures and now I am lazy:

On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, after being scared out of Yosemite early by snow that the Echo was not good at driving through, we stopped at the Cosumnes River Preserve near Sacramento.

People like to bird here:

These trees were nice enough to shade me from ridiculously high winds that literally blew me around:

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the Yosemite Lodge food court, where I partook of tofurkey and vegan dressing, along with mashed potatoes, yams, and pie. We also went ice skating that night. On Friday morning we took a phenomenal 10 mile, 3200 foot hike up to Glacier Point. You can see more pictures of this hike on Facebook:

But before we got to Yosemite, we woke up early Thanksgiving morning and ran a 5 mile turkey trot!

Karen and Bernie had been in town for the holiday to see Bernie's family, so we got to enjoy Tyler for a short time:

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we drove down to Ventura for a friend's wedding. On the way home, we enjoyed a sunset along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Also along the PCH, we found seals super close up at Morro Bay:

And also checked out the rock:

And a bit of OHV-free beach near Pismo:

Along with beautiful Monarch butterflies!

Here's me with the groom:

And my husband:

In front of the beautiful view from our hotel room (this is not how I pictured Oxnard):

And two weekends before that we were back in Arizona (sadly for a funeral), but also got to see the nephew:

And of course before that (and still), we were moving into our new apartment with this beautiful backyard garden:

And that was the last month of my life in reverse!